Generous donation from Sue-Ellen Lovett

Generous donation from Sue-Ellen Lovett

The Museum is delighted to have received a very generous donation of a large collection of personal memorabilia from Sue-Ellen Lovett, recording a lifetime of equestrian sporting excellence and achievement including the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. Sue-Ellen Lovett is an...

We are thrilled to have been successful in a grant from AMaGA that has allowed us to purchase a new computer, monitor and other associated hardware. The grant has also allowed us professional support from an IT consultant who works for not-for-profit organisations.

The new equipment and software will not only assist with streamlining our communication systems and research capabilities, but also will help in the preservation of the Historical Society’s archives. This will involve ongoing digitisation and indexing thanks to the support of hard-working volunteers. The archives contain an amazing array of unique and significant items that are specific to the local area Рold business ledgers, property information, and family history documents. The digitisation of the archives will in time allow greater public access to these valuable records.

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