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Apple Tree Flat. A Gateway to Mudgee by Bob Pauling

A history of the Apple Tree Flat locality, south-east of Mudgee


A Walk In My Footprints by Pam O’Connor

A history of the Kelly family and associated families of Mudgee and district


Against the Skyline: A survivor account of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur by Leanne Wicks

A gripping account of the sinking of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur on May 14th, 1943, as told by the author’s Grand-uncle, Frederick Chidgey.  The book also includes poetry written about the sinking.   


Far and Faint by Peter Johnson

A history of the 1870s gold rush to the Gulgong gold fields, beautifully illustrated with photographs from the Holtermann Collection. 


Golden Diggers by Helen Wood and Lorraine Purcell

The Hill End and Tambaroora district’s contribution to the First World War.  Includes photos and biographies of local diggers.


Golden Hill End by Brian Hodge

A history of the Hill End Goldfields told through the voices of local residents and key figures in local history.


Historic Houses of Mudgee by John Broadley

Histories of several of Mudgee’s most important homes, with detailed descriptions of each property.  Beautifully photographed and illustrated.


Hobble Chains and Greenhide by Dud Mills

A semi-autobiographical story of life in the West Kimberlies, WA.


Holtermann’s Nugget by Gunter Shaule

A novel based on the life of Bernhardt Holtermann, famous local miner, photographer and politician.


Looking Back by Dud Mills

Stories by a noted Mudgee raconteur


Major Controversies of the Australian Goldrush by Brian Hodge

Tales of key figures in the Australian Gold rush.


Memories of Mudgee: A Photographic Glimpse of Bygone Days

The Mudgee Historical Society Book Committee: Barry and Fay Wells, Lorraine Stewart, Lynne Robinson, Pauline Bassingthwaighte and Thelma Meers

A wonderful compendium of 205 pages worth of photographs of Mudgee from the Museum’s collection, with brief historical notes introducing each group of photos and placing them in context.  A must for anyone with an interest in Mudgee’s history!


Mudgee: A Nest in the Hills by Mudgee Historical Society

A brief history of Mudgee, including key buildings, industries and personalities from our past.  A great introduction to Mudgee for anyone new to the area.


One for the Road by Kevin Pye

A collection of verse inspired by Mudgee’s history and local characters.


Telling Tales by Kevin Pye

More verse


The Sepia Soldier by Kevin Pye

Poetry paying tribute to Australia’s soldiers from WWI to Vietnam.


Strive with Honour by Christopher Grossett et al.

The story of the Hill End Public School from 1870 – 2020.  Written and compiled by Christopher Grosset, Karen Bates, Lorraine Purcell, Gaye Shanahan and Helen Wood


The Stockwhip and the Spur by Dud Mills

Poetry by Central West resident Dud Mills inspired by his experience in the bush as a stockman.


They Made Their Own Way by Doug Swords & Pauline Bassingthwaighte

Recollections of older Mudgee residents about their lives in the Mudgee district


They Paved the Way by Keith Mackenzie

This book tells the story of Ann Grant and John McKenzie who immigrated to Australia from the Scottish highlands in the 1830s.


Time is a Traveller by Kevin Pye

A humorous and nostalgic look, in verse, at varied aspects of Mudgee’s history and its colourful characters by a Society member


Travelling Down The Cudgegong by Gulgong Writing Group

Histories of towns along the Cudgegong River, with a particular emphasis on Mudgee and Gulgong.  Illustrated with over 200 historic photos.


Through My Eyes by Barry Hawkins

A history of Grattai, the Hawkins family (and other significant local families), and the author’s personal experiences living in the area.


Wind Wagon Booklet by Brian Hobson

Photos of the Mudgee Museum’s 1998 built replica of a 7th century Mongolian Wind Wagon, and explanations on the design and construction.  


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