As an historian with a keen interest in Mudgee’s buildings, especially ones that have vanished from our streetscapes, I have been fascinated by people’s accounts of the Hotel Mudgee and their lingering nostalgia for what was a Mudgee icon. Atrocious that it was ever lost!

The late Colin Jones of Mudgee and I, both great afficianados of the hotel’s memory, were always intending to document the hotel in detail and have a nostalgia night open to the public. Sadly that never happened before Colin passed away in 2020. I have taken up the challenge to record the site, starting with the earlier hotel on site, The Miners’ Arms Hotel. It is a fascinating story sourced from newspapers, land title searches,  and from the archives of the Mudgee Historical Society, but I would like to tap into personal recollections of the hotel which must still exist among Mudgee people.

I have therefore decided to make my Hotel Mudgee Study research accessible to the public in order to attract input from people with associations with the Hotel Mudgee. I am seeking memorabilia, or more precisely photographs thereof,  and any amusing stories, and I am sure there are many.

If members of the public would like to contribute to the story of the Hotel Mudgee, please get in touch with me, as I would like this to be a community project:

John Broadley
Address: 50 Macquarie Drive Mudgee Mobile: 0429 708 218
Email here.

Please share this link with others who may have knowledge or something to contribute, but also please remember that my document is ONLY A DRAFT and hopefully will be much expanded.

John Broadley
December 2021