Photograph of The Drip Gorge by Ella Gaffney. The Drip Gorge is a significant place for the local Wiradjuri People. 

Mudgee Historical Society have been planning to create a display centered on the History of Mudgee for some time now, and of course the first ‘chapter’ belongs to the Mowgee Clan and Wiradjuri Nation.

We have been considering how to display this chapter of our history authentically and with respect, and in partnership with a Wiradjuri elder. As it is Reconciliation Week – ‘Now More Than Ever’ – it seems appropriate to put a callout for First Nations people who would be interested in being involved.
We aim to learn more about our Aboriginal history and wish to engage with Wiradjuri/Mowgee mob in the region.

First Nations Engagement Call Out

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