Austin A40 Ute

One of the Museum's long-term projects, the restoration/renovation of an early 1950s Austin A40 utility, has now been completed. The vehicle is now registered, with the number plate MM2850 (MM for Mudgee Museum) so that it can be used as a promotional tool. In February 2010 the vehicle participated in a static street display of transport over the period 1860 to 2010 held in Market Street, Mudgee, as part of the celebrations of 150 years of local government in the district.

The Mudgee Historical Society Inc

would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following people and organizations involved in the restoration of the AUSTIN A40 ute

  • Bernie Stewart - Engineering
  • Dick Hooper - Engineering
  • Ian Cameron - Parts
  • Joe Wilton - Mechanical Repairs
  • John and Colleen Bellis - Upholstery
  • Ken Scifleet - Mechanical Repairs
  • Midstate Smash Repairs - Panel beating
  • Richard Bransgrove - Hood Lining
  • Steve Birchall, Lewis Street Tyres - Tyre Repair
  • Mudgee Toyota - Transport

Special thanks to members Warwick Spies and Vic Vaisey for the many hours of hard work and overseeing the Austin’s restoration, and also to the outdoor staff for their regular assistance.

Further thanks to Richard and Priscilla Readford of Dubbo for their generous donation of the vehicle for restoration.